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Privacy Policy – Latest Jobs Opening

Privacy Policy Latest Jobs Opening

Our Source :

Our site, Latest Jobs Opening, derives information from many sources for the benefit of its readers.  As all of us know that the employment information of different sectors is not available at one place. Different State Governments publish their respective employment advertisements in different newspapers/magazines/gazette, etc. based on the agreement reached with the respective State Govt. So it is not possible to collect employment information from a single source.  That is why we have attempted to keep the maximum details relating to employment in various sectors under one site and that is Latest Jobs Opening. For the information of our readers, we would like to add that our source could be various newspapers, bulletins, magazines, and gazette of India, various websites of UPSC, SSSB, various State Governments’ recruitment agencies and many more.  This is the only reason of our limitation and as such we advise our readers to be more careful and cautious while acting upon the advertisements of our site.

Benefit for the Readers :

It is hoped our site Latest Jobs Opening will be a guiding factor for its readers as it is a treasure on employment information.  The readers habitually take advantage to see many advertisements of their choice while searching one site and they are fully contended to find such information under one umbrella.  The last but not the least advantage of this site is that its coverage is very vast and it automatically creates eagerness in the minds of the readers to see its contents time and again for personal use.

Latest Jobs Opening  has been designed to help the youth of India to get requisite details pertaining to employment opportunities available in different sectors, examinations of different categories, admit cards, results and all such related issues.  In other words, this site is a facilitator and not a guarantor of the information provided to the youth free of cost. We are not affiliated to any of Educational Board or University. We intend to provide latest educational and employment updates to our visitors and our journey ends here itself.  Therefore, all the information given on our site is for informational purpose and thus does not include any third party involvement.  The readers are advised to follow the following guidelines for their own benefit :-

i) Before acting upon the advertisement given on our site, the original source of the advertisement may be visited;

ii) Different departments/agencies issue errata/corrigendum subsequently to rectify the contents of the advertisement issued earlier.  Such changes need to be followed;

iii) Sometimes the advertisements issued earlier are cancelled due to some administrative reason. Track of such notifications is necessary so as to claim  reimbursement of the fee etc. deposited by you;

iv) Similarly, it is also likely that the age, qualification, experience, etc. mentioned in the original advertisement are revised subsequently.  Such things, sometimes, are in your favor and sometimes against your interest.  So, a close watch needs to be applied to such matters;

It has become a routine affair to change the exam date/venue of exam/time of exam/joining date after issue of admit cards / interview letters / selection letters etc.  It will be in your own interest to keep yourself abreast of such matters.

All the best
Latest Jobs Opening Team

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